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Helping Victims Of Brain Injuries Recover

A blow to the head caused by a vehicle accident or assault can result in a brain injury. Even when there is no loss of consciousness, victims can experience a number of symptoms, including headaches, dizziness, impaired reasoning abilities, and emotional problems such as anxiety or depression. It can take many months for these symptoms to reveal themselves and they can persist for many months after a blow to the head.

If you have suffered a brain injury in an accident, you should seek medical help as soon as possible. You should also consult with an attorney concerning your right to compensation.

At Bird & Van Dyke, we have extensive experience in cases involving all types of brain injuries, including concussions, post-concussion syndrome and traumatic brain injuries. We are dedicated to helping our clients obtain all of the medical care and compensation they need to rebuild their lives.

For a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer, call Bird & Van Dyke at 888-915-0422 in Stockton.

Get The Medical Care And Compensation You Need

Our firm has experience in cases involving both closed head and open head brain injuries:

Closed head brain injury — A thin layer of fluid lies between the brain and the skull. A sudden blow to the head can cause the brain to hit violently against the inside of the skull, causing a concussion or a more severe brain injury.

Open head brain injury — This occurs when an object penetrates the skull and exposes and damages brain tissue.

Hypoxic brain injury — This type of injury occurs when the brain receives insufficient oxygen for a period of time.

Our firm consults with medical experts such as neurologists and brain rehabilitation specialists (physiatrists) to understand the extent of our clients’ injuries and the medical care and rehabilitation services they need to recover to the fullest extent possible.

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Remember: Even a low-velocity collision can cause a brain injury. Just because you feel OK doesn’t mean everything is OK.

Get medical attention first, then contact Bird & Van Dyke by calling 888-915-0422. We handle brain injury cases in the Central Valley and throughout California.