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Emergency Filings In California Bankruptcy

There are certain circumstances that may compel a debtor to attempt an emergency bankruptcy filing to get the automatic stay in place immediately, without complete documentation. Examples of special circumstances might be:

  • To stop an imminent home foreclosure
  • To prevent a car repossession
  • To prevent eviction
  • To prevent a bank account levy
  • To stop wage garnishment immediately
  • To save or reinstate professional licenses (such as contractor’s licenses) at risk because of some debt or legal action

How Does Emergency Filing Work?

An emergency bankruptcy filing is also referred to as a barebones bankruptcy filing. The requirements for an emergency bankruptcy filing and a regular bankruptcy filing differ only in terms of completeness, sequence and timing. In an emergency bankruptcy filing, you are allowed to submit partial documentation, with the rest of the documents to be submitted later.

Bird & Van Dyke, Inc. – A Professional Law Corporation attorneys are available to evaluate your circumstances to see whether an emergency bankruptcy filing is really necessary and desirable. Sometimes a client believes an emergency situation exists when in fact there is time to complete a full bankruptcy filing.

We would also like to point out that at Bird & Van Dyke, Inc. – A Professional Law Corporation, we treat every bankruptcy like an emergency bankruptcy. Your priorities are ours, as well. We have a great deal of experience and knowledge regarding bankruptcy court procedures. We possess the skills needed to help clients file complete Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 petitions promptly, without a need for special emergency status.

Attorneys At Bird & Van Dyke Can Advise About Automatic Stays

To speak with a California lawyer about any urgent situation that may call for an emergency bankruptcy filing, contact Bird & Van Dyke. Call our Stockton office at 888-915-0422. Emergency filings? Attorneys at our law firm consider every bankruptcy an urgent matter for our clients.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.