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Military Enrollment

One of the many consequences of a felony criminal record involves the inability to enlist in the military. Each branch may have different recruitment criteria and enlistment requirements. However, all six share a common mandate in their recruits meeting strict standards of moral character.

The lawyers at Bird & Van Dyke help Central Valley residents with criminal records who want a fresh start by enlisting in the military.

The Challenges A Criminal Record Presents

The Army, Army National Guard, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and U.S. Coast Guard must comply with federal regulations that involve all applicants, including those with criminal records. Each prospective enlistee is put through a comprehensive recruitment screening process where the applicant must disclose prior arrest records and past felonies or misdemeanors.

Failing to disclose information that shows up on a background check only adds to criminal problems as it is considered a federal offense. The deception also creates doubts about your moral character.

The Legal Steps Necessary To Pursue A Military Career

A conviction that is expunged, sealed, vacated or set aside is proof the court considers you rehabilitated. Regardless, you still need to disclose the conviction to the Armed Forces. To recommend processing you for enlistment, the branch you choose will first consider that disclosure along with evidence of rehabilitation and your standing in the community.

For our clients on active probation, we work on reducing or ending something that could disqualify you for enlistment. A waiver is another option where we argue you can be a benefit to your selected branch of the military.

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