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Small Business Bankruptcy

Small business failures have increased dramatically since the U.S. economy went into crisis mode beginning in about 2008. If your California small business is on the brink of bankruptcy, you are not alone. Bird & Van Dyke, Inc. – A Professional Law Corporation can help you evaluate the situation thoroughly and intelligently.

Together, We’ll Consider Your Options

  • Is bankruptcy a promising solution? Is it the best solution under your particular circumstances?
  • Is your small business a corporation, a partnership or a sole proprietorship?
  • Is bankruptcy appropriate for your small business?
  • Will debt reorganization or discharge free up the cash flow of the small business sufficiently to keep it in business?
  • How can you be sure a bankruptcy filing will not just be a stop-gap measure, leaving the business still on the path to ultimate failure?
  • If your intention is to fold the business, how can you ensure the bankruptcy will leave you protected from personal liability for debts incurred by the business?

Many of our small business clients continue their enterprises even as they go through the bankruptcy process. We can give you specific recommendations on how to move forward in the face of unmanageable debts for your small business — and rescue the business if possible. If you believe your business can recover as long as past debts are taken care of, our lawyers can advise you on ways to position the business for success.

Attorneys Offering Free Consultations With No Further Obligation

To consult with an experienced California bankruptcy lawyer about small business bankruptcy and other debt-related matters, contact Bird & Van Dyke. Call our office in Stockton at 888-915-0422. Small business bankruptcy attorneys at both law offices await your inquiry.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.