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Bankruptcy Myths

But what if I took out debts with promises to repay them?

Many clients of Bird & Van Dyke, Inc. – A Professional Law Corporation, sincerely wish they could pay their debts as pledged. Life circumstances such as a layoff, a medical crisis, divorce or a bad mortgage deal have forced them to consider debt relief options such as bankruptcy. A debt crisis is a painful and often unavoidable fact of life. Bankruptcy is a perfectly legal way to confront unmanageable debt and get a fresh start.

Is bankruptcy a sign I am a bad person?

In past centuries and in past civilizations, debtors sometimes went to prison or were forced into slavery. The founders of our country considered bankruptcy important enough to include provisions for it in the Constitution when it became the law of our land in the late 1700s. Specifically, the Constitution authorizes Congress to enact “uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States.”

Shouldn’t I seek an alternative like debt consolidation?

Are you looking for an objective evaluation of a debt consolidation plan? Or is bankruptcy a better option for your situation? Rest assured that as legal advocates of people who seek our advice and assistance, we will never recommend something that is not in a client’s best interests — including bankruptcy. We will tell you the truth if we believe debt consolidation could meet your debt relief needs. However, our years of experience have given us a keen eye for when a client is most likely headed for bankruptcy — debt consolidation or no debt consolidation. We pledge to give nothing less than brutally honest advice to inquirers and clients.

Will I lose everything?

In fact, most of our clients at Bird & Van Dyke, Inc. – A Professional Law Corporation are able to keep all of their property by applying exemptions allowed by law. Some reaffirm mortgages and car loans after a bankruptcy is complete, and continue going about their business with their usual lifestyles unaltered.

We Can Advise You On How Best To Rebuild Credit

To consult with a California lawyer about Chapter 7 bankruptcy (debt discharge), Chapter 13 bankruptcy (debt reorganization), rebuilding credit after bankruptcy or any debt-related matter, contact Bird & Van Dyke online or call 888-915-0422. Our Stockton bankruptcy attorneys offer free consultations and are ready to answer your questions.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.