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Help With Expungement In California

At Bird & Van Dyke, we help our clients looking to get a fresh start through expungement. A criminal record presents challenges and obstacles for those trying to put their lives back together. A felony conviction that shows up in a background check can end employment searches and other pursuits.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Helping You Expunge Your Criminal Record

As a former prosecutor and public defender, Bird & Van Dyke, Inc. - A Professional Law Corporation combines insight into the opposing side with comprehensive experience in criminal law. On behalf of Central Valley residents in Stockton, San Joaquin and other communities, she pursues expungement of convictions for those who meet the following criteria:

  • Successful completion of probation
  • Payment of all fines
  • No current criminal charges

A Skilled Attorney Protecting Your Rights

Some expungements require having a felony conviction reduced down to a misdemeanor. Once that process is completed, Bird & Van Dyke, Inc. - A Professional Law Corporation can submit a formal petition for expungement to the court. Upon approval, you can get a second chance without worrying about post-conviction consequences.

Not only can you apply for jobs without fear of a background check, you can also get your gun rights back. Your right to own a firearm is stripped away upon conviction of a felony, a lifetime ban that can only be overturned by expungement.

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To learn more about our legal services involving expungement of a criminal record, contact Bird & Van Dyke today. Call us at our office in Stockton (888-915-0422).