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Chapter 13 bankruptcy provides the opportunity to create a structured debt repayment plan. As part of this debt restructuring, it gives the option of cramming down, or stripping the lien, from a second mortgage on your home when specific requirements are met.

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Due to the mortgage crisis and subsequent economic downturn experienced over the past several years, many people have found themselves in the circumstance where their home is valued at less than the mortgages taken against the original value.

One option to avoid foreclosure is to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy and take advantage of the lien stripping provision. Under this provision, if the primary or senior mortgage taken to pay for the home is underwater, then a second, or junior mortgage, may be stripped. Stripping a lien does not necessarily eliminate the debt in its entirety, but it converts the loan from a secured debt to an unsecured debt, thereby removing its priority for repayment in Chapter 13 bankruptcy. As unsecured debt, it is then included in the debt repayment plan.

A similar option may be available if your vehicle is worth less than the remaining balance of the loan taken for its purchase, referred to as cramming down the loan.

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