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December 2014 Archives

Legal aid with embezzlement, other white collar charges

While television series portraying different legal cases are extremely popular, they may leave viewers thinking they have a deeper understanding of criminal law than they actually do. Many criminal cases, including those involving embezzlement or other white collar charges, are extremely complex. Those in California facing these charges usually benefit from the help of an experienced attorney.

California car accidents: 4 hospitalized after collision

For many people, quick checks of their cellphones or searches for objects that have fallen between seats while driving may seem inconsequential. However, car accidents can happen from even the slightest distraction or deviation, sending people to the hospital or resulting in fatalities. Police in California are still working to determine the cause of an accident that sent four people to the hospital.

California car accidents: Drunk driving blamed for 11 injured

Thanks to campaigns, most people are likely aware there could be significant consequences as a result of driving under the influence. Despite this knowledge, car accidents involving alcohol and other substances still occur. For example, police in California suspect that a man was under the influence of alcohol after an accident sent multiple people to the hospital.

California car accidents: Woman killed by speeding pickup

There are many different laws in place that govern the roadways in order to protect each user. Failure to follow even the simplest of rules, regardless of whether the failure is caused by ignorance, recklessness or inattention, can cause car accidents resulting in serious, devastating consequences. For example, one witness to a California accident claims that a fatal accident was caused by speed.

California car accidents: Car crashes into restaurant, injures 1

For many people in California, there is nothing more relaxing than enjoying a nice meal out after a long day. A person can sit down and enjoy a meal cooked by someone else while catching up with friends or family. While most would assume that they are safe from car accidents while dining at a restaurant, one woman was recently injured by a car that crashed into the building where she was dining.

School worker pleads guilty in California embezzlement case

There are many reasons people choose to work in the public school system. While most people choose to do so because they have a desire to work with children or give back to the community in some form, police apparently believe one woman's reasons for doing so were more selfish in nature. After facing multiple felony charges related to an embezzlement case, the California woman recently pleaded guilty.

Many California truck accidents caused by driver fatigue

It is not uncommon for drivers in California to encounter multiple tractor-trailers while using the Interstate and other roadways. While the vast majority of tractor-trailer drivers are well-trained, experienced professionals, some show a careless disregard for the safety of others, resulting in dangerous truck accidents. Unfortunately, accidents involving a tractor-trailer and a smaller vehicle can have serious, even deadly, consequences for those in the smaller car. In many cases, the driver of a tractor-trailer is unharmed.

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