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School worker pleads guilty in California embezzlement case

by | Dec 10, 2014 | Embezzlement, Firm News

There are many reasons people choose to work in the public school system. While most people choose to do so because they have a desire to work with children or give back to the community in some form, police apparently believe one woman’s reasons for doing so were more selfish in nature. After facing multiple felony charges related to an embezzlement case, the California woman recently pleaded guilty.

The 50-year-old woman was an accountant for the school’s nutrition program. She was reportedly caught on tape hiding cash in her bra. The video footage led to her arrest. It is unclear if the footage actually shows the woman leaving school property with the money.

An independent audit was conducted and officials say that it revealed over $3 million in discrepancies. The woman is accused of embezzling $1.8 million — the amount that could be documented. It is unclear what authorities suspect happened to the remaining money. She is scheduled to be sentenced in Jan. 2015 where she faces up to eight years in prison. She must also pay restitution.

In many criminal cases, including embezzlement cases, a defendant may choose to fight to clear their name in court. However, some recognize that there may be enough evidence to secure a conviction. In a situation such as this, an experienced criminal attorney can attempt to negotiate with California prosecutors for a plea deal that could result in reduced charges and/or a reduced sentence. Ultimately, an experienced attorney can help the client pursue the best possible outcome in his or her case whether they choose to fight in court or plead guilty.

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