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California car accidents: Car crashes into restaurant, injures 1

by | Dec 12, 2014 | Car Accidents, Firm News

For many people in California, there is nothing more relaxing than enjoying a nice meal out after a long day. A person can sit down and enjoy a meal cooked by someone else while catching up with friends or family. While most would assume that they are safe from car accidents while dining at a restaurant, one woman was recently injured by a car that crashed into the building where she was dining.

The incident occurred late one afternoon on a day in early December. Reports indicate that a car crashed through a sushi restaurant. A passenger in the car said his 80-year-old wife was the driver. According to his account, the woman was trying to park, but her foot slipped from the brake pedal, causing the vehicle to accelerate into the building.

One woman was injured after being struck while dining. Although she is expected to survive, the owner of the restaurant describes hearing the woman’s cries after the impact.  The injuries she suffered in the accident are unclear at this time. The driver’s license has been suspended until the Department of Motor Vehicles can make an accurate determination regarding the woman’s ability to be behind the wheel of a car.

Even those who have suffered a relatively minor injury, such as a broken leg, know of the potential complications of such an injury. While such a person is expected to survive, ongoing medical treatment, and, in some cases, rehabilitation may be necessary. This medical treatment is likely expensive. Additionally, a person may be forced to miss work while recovering, resulting in lost wages.Victims of car accidents such as this one may choose to file a personal injury claim in a California civil court. A successfully argued case could result in an award of monetary damages to provide relief for the financial consequences of an accident.

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