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California car accidents: 4 hospitalized after collision

by | Dec 24, 2014 | Car Accidents, Firm News

For many people, quick checks of their cellphones or searches for objects that have fallen between seats while driving may seem inconsequential. However, car accidents can happen from even the slightest distraction or deviation, sending people to the hospital or resulting in fatalities. Police in California are still working to determine the cause of an accident that sent four people to the hospital.

The accident happened one morning in December. Reports indicate that a 74-year-old man was approaching an intersection where other vehicles were stopped. He allegedly failed to stop his car, causing it to strike a vehicle before flipping and catching fire. The second car then struck a motorcycle in front of it. A third car was also involved.

The driver of the first car was transported to a hospital in critical condition after being extricated from his vehicle. The driver of the second car, and two women in the third, were also transported to the hospital. While the two women were listed as being in mild condition, the condition of the other driver is unclear. The police are continuing their investigation into the incident.

Unfortunately, even a short hospital stay can result in significant medical bills. When compounded with wages lost while recovering from injuries, victims of car accidents could face an uncertain financial futures. However, those who were injured as a result of others’ negligence have the option of filing personal injury claims in a California civil court. In some cases, a victim could be awarded damages to offset the expenses stemming from such an accident.

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