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September 2015 Archives

Pedestrian car accidents: 6-year-old killed in California

Many students in California are settling back into a routine now that school is back in session. Part of this routine often includes a morning walk to school. Unfortunately, student pedestrians may be at serious risk of being involved in car accidents if distracted drivers are in the area. Unfortunately, one family is now mourning the loss of their little girl after she was struck while walking to school.

Fatal car accidents: 2 buses, truck involved in California crash

Now that schools are back in session for the year, many people in California have likely noticed an increase in traffic in the mornings and afternoon. While many school systems work to notify drivers of the importance of extra vigilance when students are in the area, it is equally as important for bus drivers to take extra precautions to help prevent car accidents. Unfortunately, one accident that involved in a bus has recently resulted in a fatality.

Variety of scenarios involved in California truck accidents

It is almost impossible to drive on California highways and Interstates without seeing a tractor trailer or other commercial vehicle. These vehicles serve a very important function for the nation's' economy by transporting goods from place to place in a relatively efficient manner. Unfortunately, the large size of commercial vehicles place smaller vehicles at a distinct disadvantage. As a result, too many lives are lost in truck accidents across the country.

California motorcycle accidents: 2 killed after illegal U-turn

There are many people in California who choose to use a motorcycle as a form of transportation as well as a hobby. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents can place riders at a serious risk. For example, two men have died after they crashed their motorcycles into a pickup truck on a California roadway.

Employer of California woman accuses her of embezzlement

Many companies seek to hire someone to manage their financial records. Unfortunately, these employees could be vulnerable to accusations if a company, for example, poorly handles its records and funds. In many cases, what may look like theft to some may actually be a case of a company's inability to accurately manage its funds, regardless of the efforts made by the individual employee. One woman in California has recently been accused of embezzlement by her employer. Because of the accusations, she has been arrested.

Motorcycle accidents: 3 sent to hospital in California crash

Because of their smaller size, motorcycles may be difficult to spot by drivers of larger vehicles. As a result, it is necessary that drivers remain vigilant at all times because of the potential for serious injuries related to motorcycle accidents. Unfortunately, the family of one young man in California is all too familiar with the potential harm after he was killed in a collision with a pickup truck.

California truck accidents: Collision results in fatality

Tractor-trailers serve an important purpose in California and across the country. Unfortunately, truck accidents pose a serious risk to both truck drivers and others on the roadways. For example, a collision between a rig and sedan has recently resulted in a fatality.

Fatal car accidents: California crash kills 1, injures 7

Drivers in California and across the country likely encounter a number of traffic signs and lights as they drive from one place to another. Because of the frequency of these encounters, it may become easy to overlook their importance. Unfortunately, failure to obey stop signs, for example, can result in serious car accidents. One man was recently killed in an accident that police claim resulted from such a failure.

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