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Motorcycle accidents: 3 sent to hospital in California crash

by | Sep 6, 2015 | Firm News, Motorcycle Accidents

Because of their smaller size, motorcycles may be difficult to spot by drivers of larger vehicles. As a result, it is necessary that drivers remain vigilant at all times because of the potential for serious injuries related to motorcycle accidents. Unfortunately, the family of one young man in California is all too familiar with the potential harm after he was killed in a collision with a pickup truck.

The accident happened just before 9:30 p.m. one night in late August. Police claim that the 62-year-old driver of a pickup truck executed a U-turn over a double solid line. Reports indicate that the pickup stopped after the turn, forcing the motorcyclists to swerve around it in an attempt to avoid an accident.

Unfortunately, neither biker was able to avoid a collision, and both struck the side of the truck. One of the cyclists, a 21-year-old male, died at the scene, while the second cyclist suffered serious injuries. The driver of the pickup also required hospital attention. While no charges have been filed, the accident remains under investigation. California police are asking that anyone with information regarding the accident contact them.

While police in California work to determine all of the details of the accident, the family of the deceased young man is likely struggling to come to terms with the news of his death. In addition to the emotional toll of their loss, the victim who survived the crash and the family members of the deceased victim are also likely realizing the potential financial implications of motorcycle accidents. Funeral expenses, lost wages and medical bills can create additional complications to families trying to recover. In accidents caused by another’s negligence, many victims pursue a claim of damages through a civil court proceeding.

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