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Employer of California woman accuses her of embezzlement

by | Sep 14, 2015 | Embezzlement, Firm News

Many companies seek to hire someone to manage their financial records. Unfortunately, these employees could be vulnerable to accusations if a company, for example, poorly handles its records and funds. In many cases, what may look like theft to some may actually be a case of a company’s inability to accurately manage its funds, regardless of the efforts made by the individual employee. One woman in California has recently been accused of embezzlement by her employer. Because of the accusations, she has been arrested.

The 50-year-old woman was hired by a brokerage business. Her job responsibilities included maintaining payment invoices for the clients of the business. However, the owner claims that he began suspecting her of embezzling from the company after one client sent a collections notice.

As a result, investigators conducted a search of the woman’s home. Authorities claim that they discovered evidence during the search that supported the accusations against the woman, although details regarding the evidence are unclear at this time. She has since been arrested and is believed to have taken more than $114,000 from the business. Because the amount is over $65,000, she also faces a sentence enhancement should she be convicted. She has since been released after making bail but is set to return to court in mid-September.

Because of the complexity of embezzlement charges, many people in California facing such charges seek the guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney. By doing so, he or she can help ensure fair treatment. Having a knowledgeable, experienced defense attorney can allow a defendant to make informed decisions regarding the direction of his or her case. While it is never possible to guarantee a result, an attorney may increase the chances of achieving an optimal outcome.

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