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Pedestrian car accidents: 6-year-old killed in California

by | Sep 29, 2015 | Car Accidents, Firm News

Many students in California are settling back into a routine now that school is back in session. Part of this routine often includes a morning walk to school. Unfortunately, student pedestrians may be at serious risk of being involved in car accidents if distracted drivers are in the area. Unfortunately, one family is now mourning the loss of their little girl after she was struck while walking to school.

According to reports, the 6-year-old girl was walking to school one morning in late September. Witnesses describe hearing a scream. Although the victim was rushed to a hospital, she reportedly passed away due to the severity of the injuries she suffered in the accident.

Details regarding the incident are unclear at this time. However, neighborhood residents describe the intersection where the accident happened as “dangerous,” claiming that many drivers fail to obey traffic signs in the area. Police are investigating the incident and state that the elderly man believed to have been driving the car that struck the young girl is cooperating with the investigation.

This California family is facing every parent’s worst nightmare. Unfortunately, many families of victims of car accidents face significant financial complications that only heighten the stress and grief caused by another’s negligence. As a result, they turn to the civil court system for relief. If it can be proved that a driver’s negligence caused a person’s death or injury, a monetary award could be ordered. While such an outcome will do little to reduce the grief caused by the unexpected loss of a loved one, it can help reduce the financial burdens of the family, ultimately allowing them to focus on their recovery.

Source: fox40.com, “Girl, 6, Dies After Getting Hit by Car Near Her School in Manteca“, Kay Recede, Sept. 25, 2015