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October 2015 Archives

Car accidents: 2 California teens killed by speeding sedan

Recent high school graduates have the world at their feet. They are met with many opportunities and decisions about how they will steer their life paths. Unfortunately, car accidents can easily destroy those hopes and ambitions. In one such instance, two teenagers in California were recently killed in an accident.

California car accidents: Woman killed in rear-end collision

Many people in California have a routine. They wake up every morning and go to work. Unfortunately, people sometimes become so accustomed to their routine, they often go through it without fully attending to the actions they are taking -- including driving. Because of this, some people may be less aware of unexpected changes, potentially causing serious car accidents. Police are still investigating a recent accident that has resulted in a fatality.

California Highway Patrol brings attention to teen car accidents

For most teenagers in the United States, earning a driver's license is a milestone that has been anticipated for years. Despite the excitement of finally being able to drive themselves, there are many risk associated with teen drivers, including the risk of car accidents. The risk is so high that the California Highway Patrol claims that more teens die in traffic collisions across the country than die from suicide, cancer and homicide combined.

Motorcycle accidents: California father of 3 killed

Motorcycles are sometimes difficult to see. Many times, a car driver that is attempting to make a left turn will wait for traffic to clear. When all the traditional motor vehicles turn, they execute their turn unaware that a motorcyclist is in the area. By simply taking a few extra moments, some motorcycle accidents in California could be prevented. Unfortunately, one such accident has resulted in a fatality.

California car accidents: 1 killed, 1 injured in crash

There are many reasons why people in California should not drink and drive. Most importantly, drivers under the influence of alcohol can be the cause of car accidents that place many people on or near the road at risk. Police believe that a recent fatal accident was caused by a driver who was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident.

Former reality star accused of domestic violence in California

There are many issues in this country that have received a greater deal of scrutiny over the course of the last several decades. One of these issues is domestic violence. While this attention can help those suffering, it can also result in assumptions that such a crime was committed even when evidence may not support the claims. Police in California recently accused a former reality TV star of abusing a woman.

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