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California Highway Patrol brings attention to teen car accidents

by | Oct 22, 2015 | Car Accidents, Firm News

For most teenagers in the United States, earning a driver’s license is a milestone that has been anticipated for years. Despite the excitement of finally being able to drive themselves, there are many risk associated with teen drivers, including the risk of car accidents. The risk is so high that the California Highway Patrol claims that more teens die in traffic collisions across the country than die from suicide, cancer and homicide combined.

While teen drivers may be eager, they are not always focused on their driving. A study conducted by the American Automobile Association Foundation for Traffic Safety claims that teenagers are distracted approximately 25 percent of the time while they are driving. Some reports indicate that teenagers are more distracted and at a higher risk of being involved in collisions than any other age group.

As a result, the California Highway Patrol is dedicating a week in October to bringing awareness to teen drivers about the importance of remaining vigilant while driving. This week is likely fueled by statistics indicating that over 19,000 teenagers were involved in accidents that caused injuries or fatalities in 2013. Of these, a teenager driver was at fault in approximately 66 percent of the accidents.

Fortunately, the number of accidents involving teen drivers has been declining over the course of the last few years. Even with a decline, however, it is important to remember that a distracted driver is not the only person impacted by an accident. Many innocent people are also injured or must cope with the losses of loved ones. Some victims of car accidents in California suffer severe financial repercussions as a result of lost wages, medical bills and/or funeral expenses. In a case in which it can be proved that a distracted teenager caused an accident, the injured party or parties have the option to seek damages from all responsible parties.

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