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Former reality star accused of domestic violence in California

by | Oct 4, 2015 | Domestic Violence, Firm News

There are many issues in this country that have received a greater deal of scrutiny over the course of the last several decades. One of these issues is domestic violence. While this attention can help those suffering, it can also result in assumptions that such a crime was committed even when evidence may not support the claims. Police in California recently accused a former reality TV star of abusing a woman.

The incident that led to the man’s arrest happened in late September. Reports indicate that they arrived at a residence at approximately 1 a.m. and discovered a man they described as uncooperative. They additionally claim that there was an injured women in the residence, but they had to break down a door to reach her.

The man, later identified as a 31-year-old former participant of “Millionaire Matchmaker,” was arrested on the scene. He has since been charged with several crimes as a result of the alleged incident. While details regarding the woman’s condition and the nature of the injuries she suffered are unclear, the man was being held without bail.

It is often difficult for prosecutors to prove claims regarding domestic violence beyond a reasonable doubt. Often, there are no witnesses, pitting one person’s word against another. An experienced attorney in California can help those facing such charges navigate the criminal justice system — negotiating a possible deal for reduced charges and/or sentence in exchange for a guilty plea while also preparing to aggressively defend a client at trial.

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