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May 2015 Archives

California car accidents: Two killed in head-on collision

There are times when a driver may expect that another car will cause a collision. For example, car accidents that occur as a result of poor road conditions are not surprising. However, encountering a driver headed the wrong direction on a California roadway is something no driver can anticipate. Police believe that such a driver caused a fatal collision that killed two people and injured at least three others.

Proving liability in California car accidents

Anyone in California who has been involved in a car accident, including even a relatively minor collision, likely knows of the literal and figurative headaches an accident can cause. When car accidents cause serious injuries, an injured person might be left trying to prove that his or her injuries were the result of another's negligence. Fortunately, there are some ways to support claims of negligence.

California truck accidents: 1 killed, 3 injured in highway crash

Many adults in America have a certain routine. While the exact details of their routine may vary, millions wake up every morning, prepare for the day and drive to work. Few expect that such mundane activities could result in a fatality. Unfortunately, truck accidents in California could happen at any time, resulting in serious injuries or fatalities. Police are continuing the investigation into an accident involving two tractor-trailers and three vehicles that took one woman's life.

Child's allegations leads to sex crimes charges in California

Anyone who has spent time around children knows of the vast scope of their imagination. In fact, some young children may have a difficult time separating reality from the world they build in their mind. However, police in California have recently arrested a man as a result of a child's description of sex crimes performed against him. The man now faces felony charges.

Domestic violence charges follow social media fight in California

Social media has revolutionized many aspects of modern life. People can communicate with one another and more easily stay in contact with people who live far away. However, some argue that there are downsides to its use, with people noting that it can create conflict within a marriage. Police in California have now accused a man of domestic violence after an argument over his wife's use of social media.

California attorneys help victims of car accidents

There is a wide range in the severity of a car accident. Some people could walk away relatively unscathed while another person in a similar accident could face significant and possibly fatal injuries. In some car accidents, it is difficult to understand why one person is injured and another spared. However, when a person in California is injured as a result of another's negligence, there are options available to help cope with the medical bills and other issues stemming from the accident.

California motorcycle accidents: Police investigate fatal crash

Because there is relatively little protection offered to motorcyclists, accidents involving such vehicles are often serious. As a result, it is necessary for both motorcyclists and other drivers to remain vigilant in order to prevent serious and even fatal motorcycle accidents. Police in California are currently investigating a fatal accident involving a motorcycle.

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