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California car accidents: Two killed in head-on collision

by | May 28, 2015 | Car Accidents, Firm News

There are times when a driver may expect that another car will cause a collision. For example, car accidents that occur as a result of poor road conditions are not surprising. However, encountering a driver headed the wrong direction on a California roadway is something no driver can anticipate. Police believe that such a driver caused a fatal collision that killed two people and injured at least three others.

The accident happened at approximately 1:30 a.m. in mid-May. According to police reports, the driver of a pickup truck was driving the wrong way with the hazard lights engaged. Unfortunately, the truck allegedly struck a sedan carrying five people head-on.

Two women, ages 24 and 23, died as a result of the collision. Both the driver of the pickup and the passengers in the sedan had to be extricated by emergency workers. In addition to the two fatalities, three people suffered major injuries during the crash. The driver has since been arrested, as he is suspected of driving under the influence.

While the criminal justice system can determine which punishment — if any — is appropriate if the driver of the pickup is convicted of charges against him, the families of the two deceased women are still left grieving the losses of their loved ones. Additionally, they will have to deal with the costs of their funerals during this painful time, and the victims suffering from injuries will likely face a significant amount of expense due to medical bills. In some car accidents, the injuries victims suffer prevent them from working or otherwise leading normal lives. As a result, it becomes necessary for victims in California to seek damages in civil court. A successfully presented case could result in an award that will help alleviate the financial burdens created by another’s negligence.

Source: NBC San Diego, “2 Killed in Wrong-Way DUI Crash on SR-163“, Monica Garske, May 16, 2015