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February 2015 Archives

California motorcycle accidents: 3 motorcyclists hit by SUV

Many motorcycle enthusiasts in California love that the weather allows them to indulge in their passion all year. Unfortunately, a collision involving a passenger vehicle and a motorcycle can have serious ramifications for the motorcyclist. Many motorcycle accidents even lead to fatalities. For example, one man was killed in a recent accident that involved three motorcyclists and an SUV.

Defending sex crimes allegations in California

The evening news provides information on those accused of crimes in California every day. It seems almost impossible these days to turn on the news without hearing about allegations regarding sex crimes. Possibly, because more people are becoming aware of the issues, some newscasters seem to dwell on such allegations, regardless of the amount of evidence available to support them. As a result, the general public tends to believe that a person is guilty even before a trial. Unfortunately, a not-guilty verdict is often not enough to convince the community of a person's innocence.

California teacher charged with sex crimes against former student

People decide to become teachers for a variety of different reasons, but many of them do so because of the impact they feel they might be able to have on some of their students. In fact, some teachers are able to establish special relationships with their students that will be remembered beyond the classroom. However, police in California believe that one teacher's relationship with a student almost 15 years ago was unacceptable, and he has now been charged with sex crimes.

Car accidents: California crash kills 1, injures another

It is likely that no one is ever anticipating the news that their loved one has been killed in a car accident. In addition to the grief that family members experience as a result of an unexpected loss, car accidents could also result in a tricky financial situation. One family in California is likely coming to terms with their loss after a recent accident resulted in a fatality.

California family faces federal embezzlement charges

There are many people in the United States who speak of the importance of family. Many families are tight-knit groups whose members are willing to do anything for their loved ones. Federal officials are now claiming that one California family even participated in an embezzlement scheme together. They now face a federal indictment involving 40 counts.

California car accidents: Student killed while walking to school

Everyday, millions of parents across the country take a leap of faith by sending their children to school. While most children are perfectly safe as they travel to and from school, car accidents can happen. Sometimes, they tragically alter a family forever. One family in California is likely still coming to grips with the loss of their young family member in an accident believed to have been caused by an unlicensed driver.

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