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Defending sex crimes allegations in California

by | Feb 20, 2015 | Firm News, Sex Crimes

The evening news provides information on those accused of crimes in California every day. It seems almost impossible these days to turn on the news without hearing about allegations regarding sex crimes. Possibly, because more people are becoming aware of the issues, some newscasters seem to dwell on such allegations, regardless of the amount of evidence available to support them. As a result, the general public tends to believe that a person is guilty even before a trial. Unfortunately, a not-guilty verdict is often not enough to convince the community of a person’s innocence.

A conviction for sex crimes can have serious consequences, including jail time, rehabilitation or sex-offender registration. Because of the severity of these consequences and the treatment of those accused by the community at large, if you face such charges, you will likely need the help of an attorney with previous experience defending others accused of similar crimes. The attorneys at Bird & Van Dyke, Inc. have this experience.

We have worked on a wide variety of cases. Our experience includes cases involving charges of rape, sexual assault and child pornography, among others. We have the ability to aggressively negotiate on your behalf, as well as represent you in the courtroom.

Charges related to sex crimes in California can have serious ramifications on a person’s future. Our attorneys are willing to fight for you to help ensure that you are treated fairly and lawfully as you navigate the criminal justice system. The firm that a person chooses to represent him or her could have a significant impact on the outcome of his or her case.