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November 2014 Archives

2 car accidents in California may show driver fatigue

In an attempt to be environmentally and economically conscious, many people turn to mass transportation. While buses, for example, might reduce the number of vehicles on the roadways, car accidents involving buses can result in a large number of people injured. Police in California are still investigating an accident in which a bus overturned, injuring 30 people and killing one.

California car accidents: Family loses 2 in fatal crash

There are certain situations when a driver might fear for his or her safety more so than usual. For example, a person driving at night in a snow or rain storm might be more concerned about road conditions and the possibility of an accident than a driver who is stopped at a traffic light. Unfortunately, car accidents can happen at any place and at anytime. One California family is coping with this reality after two of their family members were killed in an fiery crash.

California car accidents: 1 dead, 4 injured in head-on collision

There are many distractions for today's driver. For many people, simply having other people in the car can cause them to lose focus, resulting in a dangerous car accident.  Unfortunately, many car accidents are the result of only the slightest moment of distraction. One California accident recently resulted in the death of a teenager.

Attorneys can help with California car accidents

There are many distractions for drivers on California roadways, including the use of cell phones. Even a tiny ring from a phone can send a driver frantically searching for a cell phone that is out of reach in order to read a text or take a call. In addition to phones, many drivers have small children in their car, and many vehicles are equipped with increasingly sophisticated electronics that require additional attention for a driver to operate. All of these things can lead to car accidents that can cause serious injuries or even death, especially when those accidents involve pedestrians or bicyclists.

California man faces embezzlement charge

Most workers in this country dream of a day when they can retire from their job. As part of their dream, many people would love to have a luxurious home in an exotic location. Authorities in California apparently believe that one man used illegal funds to support his vacation home. As a result, the man now faces a charge of embezzlement in addition to a charge of misappropriation of public funds.

California car accidents: Alcohol suspected in fatal incident

There are many responsible drivers on the road. They obey all traffic rules and laws and secure a sober driver if they intend to consume alcohol during a night out on the town. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same mentality. Some individuals choose to drive under the influence rather than arranging a designated driver, often causing serious and sometimes fatal car accidents. Unfortunately, one man in California recently died in an accident believed to have been caused by a man under the influence of alcohol.

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