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2 car accidents in California may show driver fatigue

by | Nov 27, 2014 | Car Accidents, Firm News

In an attempt to be environmentally and economically conscious, many people turn to mass transportation. While buses, for example, might reduce the number of vehicles on the roadways, car accidents involving buses can result in a large number of people injured. Police in California are still investigating an accident in which a bus overturned, injuring 30 people and killing one.

Around 7:30 a.m. on a morning in November, police claim the bus drifted off the roadway. This caused the bus to roll, and it ultimately came to a rest on its top. A 33-year-old man died as a result. Of the 30 additional people injured, six of them suffered serious injuries. One required transportation by helicopter due to suffering severe head injuries.

Police believe the accident resulted from driver fatigue. The bus had been involved in an accident a few hours earlier when it struck a restaurant. No one was injured in that incident. It is unclear at this time if drug or alcohol may have played a role. While charges have not been filed at this time, the accident likely remains under investigation.

While it is clear there are still many questions to be answered concerning the California accidents, the family of the deceased victim will have to cope with the financial ramifications of his death in addition to the emotional struggles. Additionally, those injured, especially those with serious injuries, will likely require extensive medical treatment. Such treatment is expensive and could create complications for the people apparently injured through no fault of their own. An experienced attorney can help victims of car accidents determine their best course of action in regard to these expenses. In many cases, civil litigation may be appropriate.

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