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California car accidents: Alcohol suspected in fatal incident

by | Nov 3, 2014 | Car Accidents, Firm News

There are many responsible drivers on the road. They obey all traffic rules and laws and secure a sober driver if they intend to consume alcohol during a night out on the town. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same mentality. Some individuals choose to drive under the influence rather than arranging a designated driver, often causing serious and sometimes fatal car accidents. Unfortunately, one man in California recently died in an accident believed to have been caused by a man under the influence of alcohol.

The police report that a 59-year-old driver of a sedan stopped for a train crossing during the early morning hours of a day in November. Unfortunately, as his car began to accelerate after the train passed, it was allegedly struck from behind by a car driven by a 52-year-old man who police claim failed to slow for the vehicle. The force of the impact pushed the sedan into the safety arm of a railroad crossing guard.

The driver of the sedan passed away at the scene. His two passengers, reportedly the deceased man’s daughter and her boyfriend, were transported to the hospital. The severity of their injuries is unclear at this time. The driver of the second vehicle is being treated for what has been described as major injuries. Police do suspect that the driver of the second vehicle was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident.

Car accidents such as this have the potential of creating an uncertain financial future. The family members of the deceased man will have to cope with funeral expenses and the loss of his income while the injured victims must face medical expenses, in addition to the potential of lost wages as they recover from their injuries. Many people in California who have found themselves in a similar situation have sought advice from an experienced attorney. By doing so, they were able examine their legal options and determine a course of action, including seeking monetary damages in a civil court in some cases.

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