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There is help for high medical bills

by | Aug 1, 2013 | Firm News, Medical Debt

Many people have a dread of seeing a doctor for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons today may be the fear of having high medical bills that can feel impossible to pay off. Patients in California and everywhere can feel the pain and anxiety of bills that just keep coming.

When people in the past would worry about debt and making ends meet, the concern used to be from credit card debt and other types of loans. However, the ever increasing cost of medical care is rapidly causing many to feel anxiety about even seeking treatment. One reason for the increased concern could be the changes that the new health care law requires.

Many hospitals have reported that they are having to try and recoup expenses from patients that are either uninsured or lack enough coverage. Some experts have claimed that this problem may get worse with the new insurance mandates. When some patients have questioned billing offices of these hospitals they have reportedly said that they do not expect to actually be paid for the full amount of a bill, especially ones that may contain overages. However, for the patient that is not aware of the hospital’s expectations, they may find that they are drowning in debt that they have no hope of being able to pay.

When a person becomes seriously ill or suffers from a chronic illness, medical treatment is usually the only way to hopefully recover. However fear of debt and high medical bills may keep some people from seeking treatment. Patients in California do have help in the form of the state’s bankruptcy laws. When a person is coping with a serious illness or injury whether themselves or a loved one, they can seek information that could possibly help them resolve their debt and still be able to receive the medical care that is needed in order to be well, healthy and relieved of the stress and anxiety that debt can cause.

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