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Personal bankruptcy could lead to savings through greener living

by | Jan 3, 2013 | Firm News, Personal Bankruptcy

California residents who are emerging from a bankruptcy filing have a lot to look forward to. The days of endless stress over unpaid bills, harassment by debt collectors and a growing sense of instability can all be alleviated by the discharge of a majority of one’s consumer debt. Once the personal bankruptcy process is complete, individuals and families can look to the future with an eye toward establishing lasting financial stability. In the process, it is also possible to shift toward a more environmentally responsible lifestyle, which can not only help save money but make a greater impact for future generations.

One simple way that we can reduce our energy expenditures, and also save a significant amount of money, is by making changes to the way that we plan for times when we are outside of our homes. When out and about, many of us fail to bring along snacks and drinks, leading us to buy heavily processed and packaged food products. By simply ensuring that we always have a reusable water bottle on hand, we can avoid the expense and environmental impact of buying bottled or canned drinks. Packing lunches for school and work also works to reduce expense and waste.

Another tip involves evaluating the energy efficiency of our homes. Many of us rely on excessive heating and cooling when it is not really needed. For those parts of the country that do require temperature control, weatherproofing can make a huge difference in the efficiency of our heating and cooling units. In addition, replacing older appliances with more energy efficient ones can also provide long term savings.

The timeframe after a successful personal bankruptcy discharge is often defined by motivation to make positive changes. By implementing these and other green living tips, it is possible for individuals or families in California to save money and secure future financial success. In addition, these types of changes can also to make significant contributions to environmental wellbeing.

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