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Things you should never do if you are under federal investigation

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2023 | blog, Federal Crime

Although some federal investigations are covert and the target remains unaware until law enforcement knocks on the door with a warrant, sometimes you can tell if you are a target of a federal investigation. Whether you are being surveilled or federal officials interviewed someone close to you, stay calm.

There are a couple of things that you should keep in mind to protect yourself.

Do not speak to anyone without legal representation

If federal officials come to your door or bring you in for questioning, exercise your rights to remain silent and to an attorney. Avoid answering any questions without legal guidance to protect yourself. Never lie to the investigators because that calls your credibility into question and may qualify as an obstruction of justice.

Do not destroy evidence

If you find out that you are a target of a federal investigation, your instinct might be to get rid of any potentially incriminating evidence. No matter how unrelated something might seem to the case, do not destroy or get rid of anything before the investigation concludes. Evidence tampering in a federal investigation is a serious crime.

Do not discuss the situation with friends or family members

Avoid discussing the situation with anyone in your social circle or your family. Remember that anyone connected to you may be under surveillance and anything you say to them becomes evidence.

Federal investigations do not guarantee charges or a conviction. Avoid making costly mistakes if you believe you are under investigation and treat the process with deference and respect.