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What are the degrees of burn injury severity?

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2022 | Firm News

Suffering from a burn injury often requires immediate medical attention, but other burns may be treatable at home.

Knowing the difference between burn injury severity can help you determine what sort of treatment you may need for your own burn.

First degree burns

Healthline takes a look at the different degrees of burn injury severity. First degree burns are the most mild, with second degree burns being moderate. Third degree burns are the most severe.

First degree burns generally include things like sunburns or other burns that may cause redness but not blistering. This affects the topmost layer of skin. It may feel warm or painful especially to the touch. Most often, these burns do not require excessive medical attention or intervention.

Second degree burns

Second degree burns are classified as severe injuries if they are on the face or take up 3 inches in diameter or more elsewhere on the body. These burns result in blistering and will be even more painful than first degree burns. Medical attention is highly recommended, as doctors can accurately prescribe treatment for healing and recovery, as well as pain management.

Third degree burns

All third degree burns are considered severe injuries no matter the size or location. Multiple layers of tissue are involved in these burns. They can be extremely painful, or they may result in numbness due to nerve damage. Skin may look white or black in the affected area.

Immediate medical care is necessary with such injuries to stabilize it, provide treatment and ensure that as little long-term damage occurs as possible.