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Can behavioral impacts happen after a head injury?

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2022 | Uncategorized

Head injuries can affect the human body, mind and health in many different ways. The intricacies of these injuries and how they interact with the brain still pose a huge field of study with many medical unknowns.

However, one thing is clear: TBIs can and do often have behavioral impacts on the victims. But how and why does this happen?

What affects these changes?

The CDC Injury Center discusses the impact of head injuries and brain trauma. Specifically, they discuss the impact of head injuries on a victim’s behavior in the aftermath of an incident.

The impact on behavior can differ depending on several factors. This includes the original behavior and personality of the victim, their health at the time of the incident, the area of brain impacted, and the type and severity of damage done.

However, some changes resurface in more cases than most. This includes an inability to cope with stress, an increased amount of agitation or anger, and trouble curbing impulses.

In particular, the latter two often happen with damage to the frontal lobe. This is due to the frontal lobe’s control over impulsive thoughts and behaviors. Victims often find themselves acting out without meaning to, as well as saying or doing things without thinking.

Struggles with temperament

When combined with a suddenly increased temper, this can lead to victims lashing out at their loved ones. This is one of the most commonly reported changes by loved ones dealing with a TBI victim, and it is often one of the most shocking.

Victims often fail to adapt to stressful situations in the aftermath of a TBI, too. This can make it hard to hold down a job, which is just one of many reasons why TBI victims may want to seek financial compensation after an accident leading to TBI.