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Spinal cord injury signs after a car accident

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2022 | Car Accidents

Car accidents can result in a variety of injuries, including spinal trauma. The Mayo Clinic notes that these injuries may cause several different changes in the body, including a loss of strength and weakened bodily functions.

Those involved in any car wreck, even those that do not seem serious at first, can cause a spinal injury. Knowing which signs and symptoms to watch for may help those affected seek medical attention sooner.

Changes in reflexes

When certain spinal injuries occur, the body’s reflexes may change. Some reflexes may slow while others may become unpredictable or happen without warning, including:

  • Jerking limbs
  • Tremors
  • New or worsening tics or twitching

These problems may develop slowly after the accident or may appear all at once.

Changes in balance

A spinal cord injury can affect the body’s balance, especially when nerve damage occurs. Those affected may have trouble walking in a straight trajectory or have issues with dizziness when standing. These changes in balance can affect activity levels as those affected become unsure about their ability to stand, walk or run without feeling dizzy or falling.

Feelings of pressure

When a spinal cord injury occurs, victims may feel consistent pressure in the head or neck. This sensation can cause headaches and backaches, as this type of injury can cause changes in blood pressure, raising it significantly, which could lead to other medical problems.

Injuries to the spinal cord after a car accident may not show themselves immediately. Symptoms may develop over a period of weeks or months, and those affected may want to seek medical attention directly after a wreck and have their spine examined.