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Does San Joaquin County have an early release program?

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2021 | Firm News

A loved one’s incarceration can create a significant emotional and financial strain on you and the rest of your family. Depending on the length of your loved one’s sentence, incarceration may also hurt his or her ability to obtain gainful employment or maintain healthy relationships upon his or her release.

Fortunately, the San Joaquin County justice system recognizes that incarceration often sets individuals up for difficult futures. Per the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office, to prevent lengthy sentences, the county offers several early release programs for sentenced inmates.

Sentence modification

A modified sentence is probably the best outcome you can hope for your loved one. You must apply for a sentence modification on your loved one’s behalf — or he or she can apply on his or her own — and a judge must approve it.

Good time and work time

Inmates in San Joaquin have the opportunity to knock one day of confinement off their sentences for every six days of satisfactory imprisonment. If an inmate enrolls and agreeably participates in the Sheriff’s work program, he or she can earn an additional one-day deduction for every six days of satisfactory imprisonment. If an inmate earns all the time allowable for both good-time and work-time, the county will consider every four days of confinement as six days.

Alternative work program

On an alternative work program, persons who receive convictions that require jail time can serve their time in their homes if they agree to work within their communities. Program participants must work eight to 10 hours every day either for non-profit organizations or on public works. Every day worked in the community counts as two days of jail time. Though a great opportunity to remain at home and in the community, the AWP does come with a fee.

Electronic monitoring program

Individuals who have at least 30 days remaining on their sentences and who do not have repetitive violent crimes, drug violations or morals crimes on their records may qualify for an EMP. An EMP allows a person to live at home and go about life as normal for the duration of his or her sentence so long as he or she wears an electronic monitoring device in exchange. Individuals must live within Joaquin County and have a home telephone.

Lawmakers recognize more and more the benefits of early release programs, but that does not mean everyone can qualify. An attorney can help you identify the appropriate early release program for your loved one and do what is necessary to apply.