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Can you tell the severity of your concussion?

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2021 | Car Accidents

Injuries to the head are among the most common in the aftermath of a crash. Traumatic brain injuries may occur, but concussions of varying degrees of severity serve as the biggest potential problem.

When deciding what sort of care to seek after a crash, it is important to understand the level of injury you may face. Though many people falsely believe all concussions have a small impact, some can actually permanently alter your health or your entire life.

Signs of a concussion

Mayo Clinic examines categories of concussive symptoms. They categorize these symptoms based on severity, which is the way you can tell what level of concussion you currently face. In most cases – especially the more severe ones – you will see an impact through symptoms of behavior, mental state and physical signs. The mildest forms of concussion may not have notable signs at first, but the more intense the damage is, the more obvious the signs are.

Some of these signs can include piercing concussions or unconsciousness in terms of physical effects. For behavioral ones, aggression and confusion often follow. You may also lash out at loved ones, or lack control over your impulses and say things that you do not intend to. Sometimes you may even lack full awareness that you are doing these things.

Dealing with memory loss

Memory loss is another big issue. You can experience it no matter how severe or mild your concussion is, though it is most common with moderate to severe cases. It often impacts short-term memory and your ability to recall the incident leading to the injury. If you experience any of these symptoms, immediate medical attention can help lower the chance of a permanent negative impact.