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Drowsy drivers and bicycle accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2020 | Car Accidents

On the road, bicyclists face many hazards. Aside from the dangerous nature of riding a bicycle, especially at high speeds or alongside busy traffic, reckless drivers make bicycling an even more dangerous activity. Some people ride their bikes for fun, while others do so for environmental reasons, exercise or as an athlete. Unfortunately, there are many drowsy drivers on the road and these people are especially likely to collide with bicyclists.

Looking at the problem

For starters, many drivers have some difficulty seeing bicyclists, especially around turns or while driving up a steep hill. For these reasons, it is imperative for drivers to remain vigilant and watch out for everyone else on the road. Sadly, drivers who are drowsy have more difficulty noticing bicyclists and avoiding an accident. When these drivers collide with bikers, the outcome is often devastating.

The consequences of a crash

Bicyclists who are hit by larger vehicles often sustain injuries and many lose their lives. Recovering from a bike crash can take months or even years and the financial and emotional impact of these accidents is significant. High levels of pain, medical bills, immobility, losing the opportunity to work and many other challenges are common for victims of these collisions.

It is imperative for bicyclists to look into their options following a crash and some decide to move forward with a lawsuit against the driver who struck them. On our website, readers will find more information related to bicycle accidents and moving forward from a wreck. Ultimately, staying positive and focusing on options that are on the table is paramount in terms of a victim’s recovery.