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DUI charges during a night out

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2019 | Firm News

On Fridays, during the weekend and around major holidays, many people like to spend the night out by themselves or with their friends. This may involve going to a club or bar or they may simply like to walk around the city at night. Often, a night out involves drinking, but this can be very problematic when it comes to drunk driving charges. For example, during these times, law enforcement officials may be especially likely to keep an eye out for drunk drivers. As a result, someone who is on the road at night after going to a club or a bar may have a higher chance of being pulled over. 

To make things worse, drunk driving cases can be very complicated. For example, a sobriety test may not be conducted properly, or a law enforcement official may fail to respect the rights of someone that they have pulled over. People who are stopped for DUI may not have any familiarity with their legal rights and they may fail a test for some other reason, such as medication that they have to take, extreme anxiety, an illness they are struggling with or some other challenge. 

Our law firm knows all too well how devastating DUI charges are for people and those who are pulled over during a night out are often young adults. This can get in the way of one’s ability to graduate college or get their career off the ground, and drivers of all ages who are stopped for DUI may face a lot of hardships in the months and even years ahead.