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The complexity of identity theft cases

by | Jan 17, 2019 | Firm News

Your personal freedom is at stake and various penalties can alter the course of the rest of your life when facing criminal charges. You understand why it is important to start working on a criminal defense strategy as soon as possible after arrest or investigation, no matter what type of charges you face. This includes criminal allegations for white-collar criminal offenses.

White-collar crimes are largely financially motivated crimes, and most of the time they do not involve an element of violence. One of the most common types of white-collar crime is identity theft, and if convicted, the repercussions are steep. You would be wise to take your situation seriously and begin developing the most appropriate defense strategy for your individual situation.

What should you know about this type of crime?

Identify theft is exactly what it sounds like — using another person’s identity to take money, gain access to private information, open credit cards and much more. It is illegal for a person to misuse another person’s information, such as a Social Security number, for financial gain of any kind.

This type of white-collar crime is growing, and authorities are dedicating resources and manpower to the investigation of these crimes and arrest of those committing them. It is a federal offense, and because of this, any of the following powerful agencies may investigate this type of crime:

  • Postal Inspection Service
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Federal Trade Commission
  • Secret Service

According to the Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act, it is a federal offense to use the identity of another person in order to commit a crime. These crimes can be remarkably complex to investigate and prosecute, but it is always in your interests to seek defense help as soon as possible.

Your defense can’t wait

Whether you are under investigation or already facing charges, your defense can’t wait. By taking quick action to start working on your defense, you can develop a strategy that allows you to effectively confront the charges against you.

You may find it helpful to discuss your specific case with an experienced California defense attorney in order to better understand your potential criminal liability and how you can protect your rights. Identity theft is a serious criminal charge, and you will benefit from having the assistance of a legal ally who understands state and federal laws and has experience navigating the criminal justice system in high-stakes cases.