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Engineer accused of embezzlement in $500,000 case

by | Sep 22, 2016 | Embezzlement, Firm News

Employees of local governments often have difficult jobs. While attempting to enforce regulations created by the state of California, they often face difficult tasks and are forced to interact with unhappy citizens. One such employee is now facing even more difficult challenges after he was arrested and charged with embezzlement.

The charges are against a city engineer tasked with working through a backlog of refunds due to contractors. Contractors and others who want to complete work within the city are required to give the city cash when they seek a permit. Once the work is complete, contractors request a refund of the money.

Prosecutors claim that the man now arrested instead directed funds into bank accounts that he controlled. He is accused of embezzling over a half million dollars through 58 payments. A representative for the city claims that the man admitted to the crimes under questioning, but it is unclear who was questioning him. As a result of the alleged incident, the city paid for an audit which found that there were few safeguards in place to prevent employees from embezzling from the city.

Embezzlement accusations are serious and, similarly, have serious consequences if convicted. In this case, the man could spend approximately 14 years in prison if he is convicted. Because cases involving such accusations are often complex, most people in California seek the advice of an experienced defense attorney to guide them through the criminal process. Such a professional can also ensure that a defendant is treated lawfully, including seeking to have evidence gained through unlawful means, such as a confession gained without the benefit of counsel, dismissed.

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