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California car accidents: 9 injured when car crashes into crowd

by | Sep 6, 2016 | Car Accidents, Firm News

On the weekends, many people in California enjoy unwinding from a long work week. For some, this may include enjoying a concert. While at the venue, these concertgoers likely feel relatively safe from car accidents and other similar hazards. Unfortunately, this was not the case for several people after police say an elderly man caused an accident.

According to police reports, the driver lost control of his vehicle just before 7 p.m. one evening in early September. As a result, the car allegedly struck a fence near the front entrance of the concert, a vehicle and several pedestrians. It then collided with another vehicle, a parked police vehicle that was unoccupied. The police vehicle then lurched into an area where several concertgoers were picnicking.

Ultimately, nine people were injured in the accident. Of those, four people suffered serious injuries. Police are still working to determine what caused the driver, believed to have caused the accident, to lose control.

Even car accidents that only result in relatively minor injuries, such as a broken leg, for example, can have serious consequences on a person’s life. He or she may be unable to work while they recover. In addition to their loss of wages, they may struggle to pay their medical bills. Those who suffer more serious injuries may never be able to return to work in the same capacity. Fortunately, victims of accidents caused by another party’s negligence have the option of seeking recompense in a civil court; a successfully presented case in California could result in an award of damages that will help ease a victim’s financial situation.

Source: ABC News, “9 Injured Following Chain-Reaction Crash at Southern California Concert Venue“, David Caplan, Sept. 4, 2016