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Hospice receptionist charged with embezzlement in California

by | Aug 11, 2016 | Embezzlement, Firm News

When working as a receptionist at a busy hospital or hospice, it is likely that hundreds of pieces of paper passes through the employee’s hands each day. Unfortunately, officials in California have accused one hospice worker of stealing money received in donations. She is now accused of grand theft and embezzlement.

The woman is suspected of taking donation checks given to the hospital from Nov. 2014 to Feb. 2016. The value of the checks range from small amounts to over $500. Officials say she took up to $25,000 in checks and deposited them in her own bank account.

Officials at the hospice first became concerned when donors notified them that they had not received confirmation that their donations were received. Workers at the hospice first contacted the postal service, suspecting mail theft, and were advised to contact the police. The sheriff’s department then conducted an investigation that reportedly led them to the 32-year-old woman now facing federal charges, and she was fired in February as soon investigators named her as a suspect. A representative for the hospice claims that all money has been recovered. According to reports, the donations were only a small percentage of the facility’s annual income.

Cases involving embezzlement are often complex. Because the alleged victim of this crime is a hospice center, many people in California may be willing to assume guilt. Regardless of the accusations, however, the woman is considered innocent until proved otherwise. An experienced attorney can help those facing similar charges navigate court proceedings and ensure that the defendant fully understands her options.

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