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Truck accidents in California: FexEx truck strikes 2 men

by | Jul 28, 2016 | Firm News, Motorcycle Accidents

For many drivers of California interstates, their worst fear is to run out of gas in the middle of traffic. Even those who are able to safely maneuver to the shoulder are sometimes involved in truck accidents. Unfortunately, this fear was realized for one man after he encountered car trouble. His experience turned into a tragic nightmare when a friend came to help him.

According to records, the man experienced car problems one morning in early July. While parked on the shoulder of the road, he called a friend to bring him gasoline. Once the friend arrived, they remained standing on the shoulder.

Police say that a FedEx truck drifted onto the shoulder, striking the two men. The friend passed away as a result of the injuries suffered. While the driver is expected to survive, his condition is unclear. Also unclear is whether charges are expected to filed against the driver of the tractor-trailer that allegedly struck the men.

Friends who are willing to drop everything to come help are rare. Unfortunately, this man’s willingness to help a friend in need ultimately turned fatal, perhaps leaving his family grieving his unexpected death. In addition to their grief, his surviving family members may face struggles beyond coping with their grief. Often, the financial burdens created by funeral expenses and loss of wages are more than many can handle. As a result, victims of truck accidents in California consult with an experienced personal injury attorney to help determine the best course of action and identify all responsible parties.

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