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Former California man accused of sex crimes, awaits extradition

by | Jul 14, 2016 | Firm News, Sex Crimes

It is hard to predict the effect aging will have on a person’s mind. An elderly person can easily become confused and struggle with day-to-day activities. Being questioned by police, for example, can easily become overwhelming. Unfortunately, a former California resident, now 84, has recently been charged with sex crimes and awaits extradition back to the state.

Although the man was only recently charged, the accusations stem from events that allegedly occurred 10 years ago. A girl, who was 6 years old at the time the events are said to have happened, made the allegations to California detectives. The man’s arrest came within the 12-year statute of limitations on such charges.

A detectives who interviewed the man claims that he confessed twice to the allegations. The first alleged confession came when questioned by the detective, and the second reportedly came the next day and was videotaped. The detective investigating the case says that when the man was asked if anyone else would come forward with similar allegations, he responded that he did not think so.

It is unclear whether the man had legal representation at the time that the confessions allegedly occurred. Having an attorney present, even in the earliest stages of an investigation, can help ensure that a suspect fully understands what he or she is being asked and does not unintentionally incriminate him or herself. A California criminal defense attorney with experience regarding sex crimes allegations can help determine whether the elderly man’s rights were violated during questioning and, if so, take appropriate action as well as advise the man throughout the coming criminal proceedings.

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