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Darren Collison accused of domestic violence in California

by | Jun 23, 2016 | Domestic Violence, Firm News

Professional athletes are required to spend a great deal of time ensuring that they are in top physical condition. While they expect to be the center of attention while competing, many athletes get no privacy in their personal lives. Because any accusations involving them will likely be reported publicly, they could ultimately fall victim to charges based on false accusations in order to prevent claims of preferential treatment. Although there are few details available regarding the alleged incident, one California basketball player, Darren Collison, has been accused of domestic violence.

Police say they were called to a California home in late May. They had received reports of a woman who had been assaulted. When they arrived, they say they discovered a woman who was suffering from visible, although minor, injuries.

As a result, Collison was arrested. He faces two domestic violence related charges as a result. If convicted, he could spend up to a year in jail among other consequences, such as being required to complete a one-year treatment program. Authorities have declined to release any information regarding the case outside of court proceedings; they claim their motivations are based on ensuring Collison receives a fair trial.

Accusations of domestic violence are serious and deserve an investigation. However, with no witnesses, it often becomes one person’s words against those of another. Often, these accusations are not sufficient to meet the high burden of proof required to gain a conviction. In order to ensure they are fully informed about the nature of their case and their options, most people who face such charges in California hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent them.

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