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Car accidents: Teen’s death possibly related to distracted driver

by | Jun 21, 2016 | Car Accidents, Firm News

There are many dangers that drivers and their passengers face on California roadways. While most drivers take appropriate action because of their awareness of these dangers, many are not able to avoid car accidents caused by distracted drivers. Unfortunately, a recent crash involving a police officer has resulted in one teenager’s death.

The accident happened at approximately 3:30 p.m. one afternoon in early June. According to police reports, a 15-year-old male was traveling in the backseat of a car driven by a 17-year-old female. The driver’s 14-year-old sister was also a passenger. As the car slowed due to a construction zone, a vehicle driven by a 49-year-old California police officer reportedly struck it in the rear, pushing it into two other vehicles.

Unfortunately, the male passenger died at the scene. The two other occupants as well as the police officer suffered minor injuries. A representative for the police department has said that they suspect that the police officer was distracted by his computer prior to the accident. He reportedly looked up from his computer and attempted to respond to the slowing traffic but was unable to do so in time.

A parent’s worse nightmare is the death of his or her child. Unfortunately, it appears that a California family is now suffering as a result of a few moments of distraction. Many victims of car accidents — including the family members of the deceased — also find themselves suffering as a result of the unexpected financial toll a death such as this can have. Fortunately, there are legal options available that would allow such victims to pursue recompense. In a case such as this, an experienced personal injury attorney can help identify all responsible parties and take appropriate action.

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