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Commercial truck accidents: California collision injures 3

by | Mar 2, 2016 | Firm News, Truck Accidents

Most drivers are aware of the need for constant vigilance. Despite this knowledge, it is easy for some drivers to allow their attention to slip. Unfortunately, many truck accidents in California are caused by drivers who are not as aware of their surroundings as they should be. These accidents often result in serious harm and even death. Police are now investigating an accident involving a cement truck that sent three people to the hospital and involved four vehicles.

The accident happened just before 9 a.m. one morning in late February. Reports indicate that the 49-year-old driver of a cement truck was unable to stop for vehicles waiting for a red light at the end of a traffic ramp. As a result, he reportedly swerved in an attempt to avoid the stopped vehicles, causing his vehicle to strike a curb, post and traffic signal before crossing into eastbound traffic.

Once there, the truck reportedly tipped over and struck  two vehicles. While all three of these drivers were hospitalized, they are expected to survive. The driver of a fourth vehicle was unable to avoid the crash but was uninjured.

Truck accidents, such as this one, often result in injuries that require extensive medical treatment and long periods of recovery. In addition to medical bills, victims may also suffer financially as a result of lost wages. Those injured by others’ negligence may choose to pursue legal recourse. Victims in California often seek the guidance of experienced personal injury attorneys to help identify all responsible parties and take appropriate legal actions.

Source: ocregister.com, “3 hospitalized after cement truck collision with 3 vehicles on Newport Coast Drive“, Alyssa Duranty, Feb. 26, 2016