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California car accidents: 3 killed in collision, 1 arrested

by | Mar 8, 2016 | Car Accidents, Firm News

There are some in California who make decisions that could potentially place the lives of others in jeopardy. Unfortunately, those who choose to engage in street racing raise the risk of causing serious — even fatal — car accidents. Police are still working to find a street racer they believe may have contributed to an accident that killed three people and injured at least two others.

Police believe that two vehicles were racing one Saturday in February when one of them is believed to have slammed into a UPS truck. The collision reportedly caused the truck to overturn into oncoming traffic, resulting in a multi-vehicle accident. The driver of the truck was killed in the collision, as well as two teenagers in a sedan who were returning from a trip to Disney World. Two other teens, occupants of the same vehicle as the deceased teenagers, suffered serious injuries and were hospitalized.

Additionally, the accident closed the road for approximately 24 hours as police investigated and crews repaired the road. One person has been arrested in connection with the accident, suspected of vehicle manslaughter. Police are still searching for the driver of the second vehicle.

Car accidents such as this can have a devastating impact on the lives of many people. Despite the obvious emotional implications, the families of the deceased victims must cope with funeral expenses while the injured victims may face a long road of recovery, requiring extensive medical treatment and creating a significant amount of medical bills. While the family of the driver of the UPS truck may be entitled to workers’ compensation, all of the victims — including the families of the deceased — have the option of seeking justice in a California civil court. If negligence can be proved, they could receive recompense, allowing them to focus on their physical and emotional recovery rather than their financial situation.

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