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Police officers in California face sex crimes accusations

by | Feb 25, 2016 | Firm News, Sex Crimes

Police officers in California work hard to protect people. In many cases, this includes making arrests and potentially making enemies. Two officers now faces multiple charges related to sex crimes in regards to the alleged rapes of four women.

According to reports, the two partners, ages 44 and 43, raped four women. The incidents allegedly began in December 2008 and continued until 2011. The women claim the alleged acts occurred while the officers were both on and off duty. Some of the instances are said to have occurred in a police car.

Two of the victims claim that they were arrested for narcotics-related offenses. The officers are accused of searching for them after an initial arrest and threatening them with jail time if they failed to perform sexual acts. The two men now face multiple charges, including rape and sexual battery. If convicted, they could spend the rest of their lives in prison.

The allegations against the two men are serious. When any person claims to have been a victim of sex crimes, those allegations must be investigated; however, a conviction can only result if there is sufficient evidence to support the claims. Because of the burden of proof required, it is often difficult to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Due to the serious nature of the accusations against the two men and the potential consequences of a conviction, the California police officers may choose to seek legal representation. An experienced defense attorney can help ensure they are treated lawfully and advise them regarding their different legal options, including fighting the charges in court or accepting plea deals.

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