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Car accidents: Search for driver in California hit-and-run

by | Feb 9, 2016 | Car Accidents, Firm News

Parents will often go to great lengths to protect their children. Despite their best efforts, however, many are unable to completely avoid car accidents caused by another’s negligence. Even when facing her own death, police in California believe that one mother’s last act may have saved her child’s life. The search for the driver who struck the two is ongoing.

The incident occurred in late January. Reports indicate that the mother had just parked on the street and removed her 5-year-old child from the car when the driver of a sedan allegedly lost control of his vehicle and hit the pair. Investigators suspect that the mother may have pushed her child away from the oncoming vehicle in an attempt to save her life. Both were transported to the hospital. The child suffered serious injuries, but is expected to survive; the mother, unfortunately, passed away.

The driver of the sedan reportedly left his vehicle at the scene before fleeing. Attempts by two witnesses to detain him were unsuccessful. Police are offering a $50,000 reward to anyone who can help locate the alleged driver. He is described as approximately 30 years old, wearing a t-shirt and jeans and may have suffered an injury to his abdomen in the accident.

Car accidents are made even more horrific by drivers who fail to remain at the scene of the accident. However, due to social media and technological advances, California police are likely more prepared than ever to successfully identify a hit-and-run driver. In this case, the family of the deceased woman and her child may be facing significant financial ramifications due to this accident as a result of funeral expenses and medical wages. Once the driver is identified, surviving family members have the option of seeking justice in a civil court. A successfully presented case could result in an award of damages that would help this family cope with the financial consequences of the accident.

Source: NBC Los Angeles, “$50,000 Reward Offered in Hit-and-Run Crash That Killed Mother Getting Daughter Out of Car“, Willian Avila, Feb. 1, 2016