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California teacher accused of sex crimes with 2 students

by | Feb 18, 2016 | Firm News, Sex Crimes

Teachers have very difficult jobs. One of their major concerns is establishing a relationship with their students. However, teachers must also worry about how others will interpret a relationship to  prevent outsiders from suspecting something inappropriate about an innocent, healthy relationship. One California English teacher has recently been arrested as a result of sex crimes allegations. He is accused of having a sexual relationship with two different students.

Police claim that the 40-year-old teacher is a drama and English teacher at a California high school. They believe that he had a sexual relationship with one student 10 years ago. The now 27-year-old woman was 15 when the relationship, which police say lasted for two years, allegedly happened.

The second alleged relationship began last year but is said to have ended when the student graduated. Police claim that the teacher’s girlfriend, a 22-year-old substitute teacher, also may have had a sexual relationship with the student. The teacher, who now faces multiple charges, was originally placed on administrative leave in September as a result of claims made by another teacher. It is unclear of those claims are related to the recent charges.

There are many questions in this case that are unclear, including how a relationship that allegedly took place 10 years ago came to light. Because the case involves a student/teacher relationship and allegations of sex crimes, many people in California may be quick to assume that the man and his girlfriend are guilty. However, in all criminal cases, defendants are presumed innocent until and unless proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt — a high standard that is often difficult to meet.

Source: New York Daily News, “Calif. teacher, girlfriend arrested for sex with students“, Meg Wagner, Feb. 5, 2016