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Responding to domestic violence allegations in California

by | Jan 14, 2016 | Domestic Violence, Firm News

Relationships vary from couple to couple. Regardless of how well a couple appears to get along, it is almost guaranteed that every couple has disagreements. While these disagreements can become heated, they rarely result in violence. When people in California become embroiled in domestic violence allegations, experienced professionals are usually consulted to guide each party through the ordeal.

There are serious consequences of a domestic violence conviction in criminal court. A person who is convicted could face probation, fines, time in jail as well as lose his or her legal ability to own a gun. As a result, the stakes are high. The attorneys at Bird & Van Dyke, Inc. have the experience necessary to help people accused of such acts.

Cases involving domestic violence are sometimes difficult in the sense that they often involve one person’s word against another. Because of the relationship between the accused and the person making the accusations, there are often sensitive issues at play that must be considered. Our attorneys work with our clients to determine their wishes regarding the direction of their case. We understand that a defendant’s priorities may involve preserving a relationship.

Our team is ready and willing to discuss your domestic violence case with you. With our knowledge and years of legal experience in California, we can help you respond to the allegations you are facing in a way that is most appropriate to your individual situation. An initial consultation with our attorneys could be the first step toward a satisfactory resolution.