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California truck accidents: Falling container kills cyclist

by | Nov 9, 2015 | Firm News, Truck Accidents

Bicyclists are likely aware of the dangers they face while cycling. As a result, many in California take proper precautions to ensure their safety from car and truck accidents. Unfortunately, one man was recently killed in what some are describing as a “freak accident” that the victim likely could have never anticipated.

The victim — whose identity has not been released — was reportedly riding his bicycle on a California roadway at approximately 5 p.m. one day in late October. Reports indicate that a flatbed truck carrying a large cargo container was next to him. For reasons that are not entirely clear at this time, the container — estimated by one witness to weigh 40,000 pounds or more — slid off the truck onto the cyclist.  He died as a result.

A witness to the accident claims he saw a similar incident the day before; however, no one was injured. He speculates that the accidents occur as a result of short cuts being taken by shipping companies due to a strike. The witness claims that the companies are using flatbed trucks instead of tractor trailers, and the containers are not being properly secured, putting people’s lives in dangers.

Due to the potential consequences of truck accidents, it is essential that all necessary safety measures are taken to protect those who may be in the vicinity of such large equipment. Unfortunately, the family of the deceased man may face a difficult time both emotionally and financially. Many who lose a loved one in such an unexpected manner must cope with the funeral expenses and loss of wages while also struggling to come to terms with their grief. In a case such as this, pursuing legal action could not only provide them some financial relief but could also help ensure that similar accidents are not repeated.

Source: abc7.com, “Bicyclist killed after cargo container slides off flatbed truck, falls on him in Long Beach“, Leanne Suter, Oct. 27, 2015